Company Introduction

L&L Construction Co., General Building Contractors (California Construction License #: B523550), was established in San Francisco, California in 1988. Nowadays, it is formally known as L&L Construction Development Inc. We specialize in restaurant design, remodeling of luxurious high rises and private residences. Our company founder, Jack Chou, has over thirty years of construction and remodeling experience. L&L Construction’s all-inclusive services include everything from free construction and development planning to interior design and permit applications.

Our company’s first priorities are customer satisfaction and quality. Then it is followed by timeliness and expedient service. Over the last twenty years, we have successfully worked in partnership with many corporations to devise development plans with no query to quality or history of accidents. Our loyal customers include but are not limited to: The Hawaiian Barbecue Restaurants (15 branches), the Great Eastern Restaurant in San Francisco, and the Flourishing Garden in San Jose, for which we have conducted three remodeling projects over the past twenty years.